Thursday, 28 April 2016

Holy Camoly, A Hint Of Snow Was In The Air.

A cold day ensues.

Only a few days ago the Bobster was parading around the garden in his trusty shorts ( eh, the one touching the knee, not those that are a tad bit to short for most spectator's comfort ) and was almost complaining about the strength of the sun. Well, he shouldn't have, because the weather fairy let him have it yesterday.

Wednesday morning is my usual day for walking with the Deutsch Schützener ladies, if they turn up...early morning there was a mere hint of moisture in the air but hardly enough to eschew the walk. No one felt a similar need and I was standing there alone at 8am, deciding whether to jump back into the chariot and drive to a nice and cozy home when I mentally kicked myself into walking.

Every walk has a turning point, that point where it is shorter to turn around than to carry on. Murphy's law, as I had passed that point, the heavens opened up with a vengeance. The rain pelted me from all corners and it didn't take long before I was soaked to the bone. Even my supposedly weatherproof North Face jacket was weighed down with accumulated rain. Of course the odd car that buzzed past did so without stopping...nobody wants a drenched car seat!

The irony was that walking in the rain is unbelievably beautiful and feels soul cleansing. Those errant thoughts of impeding illness due to rain, were quashed with the knowledge that having a daily shower doesn't infect me with a cold either. The fields were luscious in their colours and the grass was brilliantly green arching with the added burden of raindrops clinging on to the blades.

Coming home was divine as Bob had stoked the fire and made our house nice and cosy. The weather fairy decided to let us have a lot more rain, and when I went out later in the afternoon, I had two separate sources come to me with reports of snow. Luckily, not quite in Eisenberg yet, but a mere 20 km's out.

The Bobster in his joy at seeing sunshine weeks on end at the end of March, had decided to put all our winter clothes away into the barn almost daring the weather fairy to defy him...and somehow facing a batch of cold weather in summer kit is far from comfortable. And just to put your mind at ease, Bob has included one pair of long-johns in his summer wardrobe and is sporting them as we speak.