Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Crisp Turning Of A Page In Any Book Seems To Be A Feline Attraction.

A call to arms perhaps?

Before you say, oh how cute, let me explain further. There aren't that many places I like to read. Couch or in bed seem to be the main areas and often far away from our little feline bundle of joy. One would imagine a spate of peace and quiet to forget oneself within these pages of another adventure.

Well, not so! As soon as I've finished the first page, little Mausi comes galloping from wherever she had been up to mischief. Rather cute to hear her pitter patter on the wooden floorboards and coincidentally a good warning system.

Having her come up for a cuddle is extremely special and hope springs eternal although we are quite spoiled in that she can cuddle for hours on end. Unheard of in cat circles and I tend to feel it has to do with her having been incarcerated in a pound for a few months before she chose us as her parents.

So, back to the reading affair...with lazer like precision, our darling will jump onto my chest, and thus block any and all view of the book. Gently nudging her to find a place behind the book ( and still with me ) seems also null and void as she then starts to bite the corners of the book. Really!

Before I knew what that she was a book lover of sorts, I was mystified at finding a lot of our books with little teeth marks on the covers. Bob and I have the obviously bad habit of merely putting our books on the floor when we have finished a leg of our adventure and Mausi must have done the toothy-thing when we weren't looking. Well, now she is brazenly open in her love of reading...

As she isn't yet a fully grown adult cat, this might be a way to get our full attention and clever as she is, she has realized that once Bob and I put our noses into books, our attention has left the here and now to join whichever century, country, genre and adventure is depicted within the covers.

Life with our little feline bundle of joy is special, funny and informative and often Bob and I tend to wonder how we have managed to live a life without her...
This is her favourite place to be when we read a book. Bob had to put down his book, and did so willingly as Mausi is his little darling and she has him wrapped around her little paw...