Sunday, 17 April 2016

A Walk-About The Awesome Eisenberg Of Burgenland.

Spring fever has gotten hold of me.

That picture tells it like it is here in Eisenberg....sunshine, great wine, fruit and views to appease even the most jaded traveler.
An addition for tourists but quite in favour with us locals too. The modern look-out platform is surrounded by glass balustrades and you can see for miles and miles...while sipping a chilled glass of Welschriesling or Grüner Veltiner
This is just a bit of proof that most of the dandelions in our backyard have survived, at least for this week. Can you see how the tulips are deepening in hue?
As I walked passed this blossoming fruit tree, I thought it was Christmas. The white of the blossoms was almost luminous. Too lovely to see.
Just to put it into context: The stunning cherry tree at the bottom of another Eisenberg vineyard. This was taken while walking along Hummergraben .
Of course I know that it's another photo of a blossoming tree, but I can't help it as they are breathtakingly beautiful to see.
The sirens of Eisenberg. Red tulips growing proudly on the verge of an Eisenberg Weinberg road. Gosh, even driving around Eisenberg is a visual feast.