Friday, 8 April 2016

Bob Rediscovers His Love Of Kebabs In Hungary,

A rather fun excursion to Hungary.

By gosh, as time goes by I am exhibiting more and more traits usually reserved for the sole use of my parents. Naturally I won't mention which one, but they'll know! Not bad ones of course, but slightly on the irritating side for the better half.

We had an appointment in Hungary, Szombathely yesterday at half past one and with this hereditary gene having been awoken, the two of us were in Hungary two hours early. Just in case you think we had to go far, the distance door to door is a mere 30 km and as we live in a small village, there wasn't the added element of traffic. Yes, Szombathely's a big town, but it doesn't warrant such an early start.

As you can perhaps imagine, The Bobster was none too happy with such a timely arrival and when I cunningly mentioned that I thought we could stop at the local DM store to peruse the wares, he drove right passed it...maybe I should mention that I got the name of the store wrong as I actually wanted the Müller store ( another parental gene? ).

The atmosphere in the chariot was slightly iffy until we arrived at the car park of the shopping center which housed the DM shop. Bob's eyes happened to catch a glimpse of a little Deli-hut on the edge of the car park. Seeing the name of Kebab-Hut stenciled in bright red letters, had him seek a parking space not too far away.

Bob being Bob, he buttered me up for the culinary adventures in said car park by reminiscing about the various and divine times he devoured Kebabs when he called London his home. Making hay while the sun shines, I said:

" Isn't it fantastic that we are so early? There's enough time to have a Kebab. "
Bob needed no further persuading and had already queued up at the stand. There was a substantial queue patiently salivating at the aromas wafting about.

The Hungarian exchange rate is on the one hand easy to work out but on the other hand it requires far too much arithmetic. 315 Hungarian Forint = 1 Euro...luckily we had enough time while waiting our turn to work out that 790 Forint for a kebab was a steal.

Never having had one, I let Bob order one at first and planned to have some of his to taste ( some more genetics ? ) and before I even asked him, he offered me a bit to try, while at the same time enthusiastically waxing lyricals about it.

" Oh my god, this is the best food I've ever eaten! "
" Oh really? Didn't you say the same thing about the supper I cooked last night? "

Intreaged to say the least, and liking the bit he let me taste, I ordered one for myself. Gosh, it was delicious indeed.

Bob, being a tall lad, went for seconds and got a smile from the lady making them. As we were leaving, he mumbled almost to himself...

" If you hadn't been with me, I would have had a third one. "
Eh, sorry to be such a nuisance. Yet, I can safely say, that this won't be our last trip into Hungary.