Friday, 22 April 2016

The Village's Nature Exhibition & Its Impressionistic Affect On Me.

A feel good impression for the weekend.

It almost reflects an artist's brush strokes, doesn't it? Yes, I know you've seen these red marvels before, but yesterday their colour had ripened to an unbelievable shade of titian red.
Taken from a slightly different angle, makes the red deeper. A simple bunch of flowers gives me such pleasure and instantly enhances my mood...
Gosh, I wish you could drive about and soak up the bright yellow carpets that seem to be covering most of the fields. Each field more majestic than the next...
The green leafy curtain gives a nice introduction to the yellow fields. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all take our camping chairs, cooler boxes and picnic baskets and sit at the edge of the rape fields while soaking up the visual feel good affect?
A mere white elderberry shrub in front of a birch tree along side the road. Again, the pristine white caught my eye and drew it to another source of happiness.
Around the corner from our house, is this mauve enhanced shrub hanging invitingly over the wall. A welcoming sight, not to mention smell...
Nature, simply lovely, simply uplifting...Simply Burgenland.