Friday, 1 April 2016

The Bobster Wins This Year's April Fools Stake.

Who knew that marriage had a competitive side to it?

Goodness gracious, Bob had me fooled at 4 am and with a simple, yet in the circles of foolishness, a rather sophisticated trick. Not every April Fool (ahem) gets it right as each year the audience gets more savvy with interpreting certain cloddish attempts.

Gosh, there are so many ways to send us into April with a laugh. Usually the newspapers are the best and often catch us out. They print stories that just skim on the edge of comedy and have us wonder:

" Surely that's a fake story ? "

Even the mighty social media has a few stories of New York's King of Real Estates trumpeting his finale, which many will not even recognize as a fool's attempt...

For some odd reason we were up at four this morning, well, we both fell asleep in front of the telly ( and don't scoff, because while others have the telly in the bedroom, we at least only have it in the lounge ). Waking up so early is fine with me, but usually Bob rebels at even opening an eyelid this early in the day, yet alone putting a toe on the floor. Who else would make me a cup of tea?

Clearly my cylinders weren't firing on all fronts, because I should have know Bob had a trick up his sleeve. I had just switched on the kettle to make us both a cup of tea ( yes, I do make beverages for my Schatzi ) when I just barely heard his worried shout over the kettle's noisy whistling.

" Oh my God, Mausi has left a big Wurst all over the floor! " our darling Mausi had missed the evening toilet session, I ran like the fool that I was made to be, to have a look and to clean it up.

Who knew that apart from having your heart melt with love for this little kitten, she can also provide fodder for the annual April Fool's event in our house? Let's see who gets who next year.

As for my mum, I am sure that by now she again has been sent into fool's territory by the fictitious yet huge hound having dropped his load on the doorstep...over 30 years and counting!