Thursday, 14 April 2016

Our Garden Behind The Barn Get's A Bit Of Attention.

An oasis of beautiful nature filled with a meadow and many fruit trees.

This oasis is rather large and needs attention now and again. It is edged in by a long hedge that has been left to become rather woody, that is until Bob gave it his attention.

An overgrown hedge is not so easy to get the better of and the bits that he couldn't do with the shears, his friend rode to the rescue. Even though I did mumble about the neighbourly eyes descending upon us, the same neighbours are extremely helpful and kind. Yesterday being another example of it.

Bob's friend Herbert phoned to ask if he could help him cut the trees along the hedge and Bob of course agreed straight away secure in the knowledge that hours upon hours of back breaking work had been taken off him.

Herbert has a tractor too and he brought it complete with trailer, chainsaw and a friendly greeting. Just like that, without any asking or pleading. Bob and I value this gem of neighbourliness because it is rare and thus a treasure beyond words.
Especially in a world rife with that Me, myself and I virus...

Our back garden or rather our orchard...many many fruit trees equals many many jams... Imagine not having a trailer there? Pulling all the cut trees by hand is not much fun.
Herbert helping us out with the hedge. Bob is standing on the other side of the hedge and if you look closely, you can spot him through the green.
Our barn as seen from the back. One day Bob and I would like to fix it up into a nice abode.
Looking through the barn, you can see our house to the right of the picture. The barn doors were so huge in order for the tractor to get through it. A barn is really more of a garage for the tractors.