Monday, 4 April 2016

Stumbling Across Jaws In The Early Morning Hours.

Luckily I had the Maus with me...

Would you believe it when I tell you that our phone provider has given us one free month access to Sky Satellite viewing? At first I also took it for an April fool's errand, but at the moment the Bobster and I are enjoying this visual treat. All I can say is:

" Thank goodness they excluded the Sky Sport channels, because Le Bobster would have been glued to all the various Soccer matches...24/7."..and I am not as compliant as most wives who suddenly have to watch Soccer...or nothing!

So, last night or rather a few bells past witching hour, I had tossed and turned enough to realize that sleep wasn't going to happen. Quietly I gathered up my duvet, pillow and Mausi, although, she tends to shadow my movements even at such a ghastly hour. The two of us tip toed out of the slumber chamber in order not to waken Bob, and almost managed to do it. Fortunately he can fall right back into slumber mode, so no harm was done.

Mausi and I have a set routine for these early morning excursions to the lounge. TV gets switched on, duvet and pillows arranged to perfection on the couch, light switched off and then we both cuddle into the duvet. Oh yes, if I am supine on my back, she will wriggle into a ball between my shoulder and chest, and when I turn onto the side, she will cuddle next to my stomach...

As a regular purveyor of the world through the focal lenses, it takes a bit of time for me to be able to encrypt the various write ups of the TV programs. Well, I lucked out this morning, because I straight away happened onto a Sky movie classic channel, and this movie title was understood, even while it was a bit blurry.


Steven Spielberg is a master at his craft and even in his early career he made this classic horror story come to life on the big screen. We all know about the music, which incidentally some husbands have put as the ring tone for their wives, but who remembers the sheer terror and excitement of being a witness to the shark hunt?

Sadly I didn't catch the beginning but I did remember that rather a few poor folks had been made fodder for Jaws. This movie wasn't new to me and I must have seen it a few times over the years, but still it had me nearly jump off the couch each time the shark came up with his jaws agape, Mausi cuddled closer to me each time, to give me comfort.

Funny how this movie brought forth a huge wave of nostalgia. Life seemed ( obviously apart from the monster beneath the waves ) to be so simple then and one tends to wonder if anyone realized how vastly life would change for all of us with the advent of computers?

Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, try and watch it or even for a trip back memory lane...