Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Bench Is Made To Reveal Its True Colours.

Another stage in our divine quest of a simpler life & lifestyle.

Give a man a tool, and he'll be happy for the rest of the afternoon...
The other day, while I was lounging in our garden corner, I had this vision of changing the colour of the benches. With great care and verbal tip toeing, I laid out my plans to Bob, because after all he'd be doing the stripping etc. Oh, it took a bit of convincing but once he'd seen the vision, enthusiasm abounded...
We are blessed with an abundance of space and old furniture. This greenish bench ( why does anyone paint over wood? ) is our prototype and thankfully the paint curled back in deference to the heat gun!
Lots of nooks and crannies to be stripped. The door you can see at the top belongs to our pig stye ( no really, a real one ) and might be next in line.
Bob's discovered the joy of stripping....ooh hoo!
This is a small glimpse of the finished bench...isn't it marvelous and cheerful? All it took was a few hours of work and it will give us years of joy, while looking at it.