Friday, 29 April 2016

The Cold Front Has Caused Havoc To The Vines.

Global Warming or just coincidence, the results are the same, devastation for the Wine farmers.

The wines in our region have through their quality put us on the wine map of sommeliers and wine lovers the world over. Making wine is far from easy, is labour intensive and only has one harvest per year. And, this recent spell of cold weather has wiped out a huge part of the newly budding vines.

Our area still has that rare flair of being mostly tended to by real people and not mere machines. Wine that we ( our vintners ) make has a special handcrafted touch. Of course some of the bigger estates might use machinery, but on the whole, our wine region still makes wine the traditional way.

As I've said before, what one pays for a bottle of wine doesn't reflect the huge amount of work and costs involved. But, vintners are passionate about their craft and happy when someone appreciates their wine.

This recent bout of bad luck for the 2016 vintage, might make a few wine farmers look to make a living doing other has to feed the family after all! But, I hope most will weather the storm and make it through a season where the amount of grapes to be harvested has dwindled.

There are so many of you wine lovers out there and I have a suggestion to make:

Why don't you buy a case of wine from our area? Selling all of this years and past vintages will make a difference to the various small & medium sized wine estates.

Preserving old traditions is a must and once you've spent a weekend or so here, you'll see the wonderful process of planting, pruning, harvesting & making wine.

I almost forgot the most important part...our region's wines are out of this world! Here is a link to the local Eisenberg Vinothek, a place that sells only locally produced wines. Online too.

Have a look at our locally handcrafted wines and please order a bottle, or 12.