Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Little Bit Of Tulip Mania In Our Area.

The first real economic bubble provider...

Our village has dropped the cloak of winter and has trumpeted the glorious arrival of spring by the many varieties of tulips gracing gardens, wild or manicured.

The tulip is of course as old as the hills, but I found it interesting that a famous biologist who also lived in Vienna, Carolus Clusius introduced the tulip flower to Europe in the 17th century and perhaps planted the seeds that led to this first economic bubble...Tulip Mania

They are elegant, vibrant and surprisingly hardy of nature. Isn't it amazing how they tend to complement each other?
The red diva of Dorfstrasse...
A few romantic tulips keep on returning outside our front door year after year. They were here before us and both Bob and I love to see them come alive during the month of April. The sun was shining so bright yesterday that it made the petals an opaque yellow.
Coming home to this view is fabulous and makes us shrug of any worries before even entering our home.
Last but not least, this is a beautiful yellow iris amid the tulips in our village memorial ...a bulbous cousin perhaps? Regardless, I love the way it makes the fence of the memorial more of a picture frame...