Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Have We Talked Ourselves Out Of Enjoying, Living & Having A Fun Life?

...." Oh, imagine what could happen, if...? "

We should just call ourselves the 000,1% percenters, because, let's face it, we live by the code of:

There is a 000,0001 percent chance that this could happen, therefore I won't...

The other day I was clicking through a lot of old photos online ( well, not really that old ) from the 60's and 70's and I have to tell you that I felt very envious and nostalgic. No, I was still a wee bairn then, but still!, that feeling of freedom from worries seemed to jump off the screen.

All of the modern day worries we have surrounded and barricaded ourselves with, weren't that prominent or even there then. Life was there to get on with. Most of us had never heard of seat belts, child safety seats, airbags, headrests and the likes. Of course they save so many lives, but we didn't know then and we turned out alright.

Food was food, and if it still seemed fresh we ate it. Sight and taste were the deciding factors and not the authorities who might have been sponsored by the food manufactures! Worth a thought, isn't it?

Work was work, and it was enough to feed and house your family. Obviously according to your means, but the 60's was the decade before the banks started to egg us on into taking up loans galore to finance a lifestyle that was just a touch above what we should have had in order to live a life free of financial stress.

The mass epidemic of living beyond our means was enabled by the invention of credit cards and it takes superhuman effort to withstand its allure and hold.

We live a life that hinges on the ' what ifs ' and when you think about it, we don't actually live our lives, in a way that acknowledges how precious and fabulous it is. We are so busy worrying about having all of those ducks in a row ( by the way, often they are the society's idea of ducks ) that by the time we do, it is too late.

Many inventions that we use daily are good, lifesaving and make our lives easier, but somehow I think that back in the day when our parents were young, they weren't as worried about each little possible thing happening, the way are now and I think they had more fun living their life....