Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Dress Rehearsal Indeed.

An early start to my Tuesday.

As one says, it was arranged for me to pick up an elderly lady and chauffeur her to the local doctor's rooms. A relatively late time, eight in the morning, was chosen because I know it takes a while for her to get ready. On my side, it means an earlier start as she lives about a 15 minute drive away.

Tuesdays and Fridays are what villagers fondly call the Vampire days. Don't worry, we are not in the Twilight Zone but those are merely the days where blood samples get taken and analysed at the phlebotomist's lab. As you can imagine, those two days are usually the busiest and waiting times are rather on the lengthy side.

For a change I was early ( a mere minutes, so don't congratulate me yet ) and meandered through the various villages on the way to hers. The chariot is still acting up and squealing every chance it gets, which leaves me rather embarrassed and driving as slow as can be..

The usual suspects were going about their business and I also espied a lady and her dog, who usually walk with me on a Wednesday. Gosh, had I mixed up my days? A quick wave and on I drove getting to my destination five minutes early.

Naturally, my chariot announced me ahead of time and the ladies son came up to the gate, with a questioning look on his face.

" Hi, why are you here today? You supposed to fetch her on Tuesday! "

" Well, today is Tuesday. "

" Yes, but I did organize for you to pick up my mum on the 26th. "
( this was said in a rather triumphant way )

" Oh yes, today is the 26th! "
It turns out that he got his weeks mixed up after all. Honestly though, I did wonder throughout our little conversation if I had indeed chosen the wrong date. Has that ever happened to you, that while you speak your mind races through a whole lot of dots and date markers, in order to be sure?

My thoughts flitted to the various pointers and within seconds I had certainty. Of course he felt a bit embarrassed at having scrambled up the dates in his mind. After reassuring him that it wasn't a big deal, we set the date for next Tuesday ( yes, I will phone and remind him, don't worry ).

In the scheme of things, it was rather funny and did get me an early start to my day. Those I mentioned it to, mumbled that perhaps I should have reminded him before I set off, but one can't go through life assuming that people aren't reliable...

I seem to remember that a friend of ours, got the dates of her flight mixed up and thus missed, that's more of a problem.