Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Dear Bees, Please Buzz Back To Us.

The bees are missing.

We've been brave and hopefully trendsetting in not mowing down the first green and wild flowery appearances on our lawn. Looking about our village, it seems that the Bobster and I are the unnoticed trendsetters. Oh yes, lawns have been given the short, back & sides cropping. Bob gave in a little bit to peer pressure and neatened the edges of our lawn. Yes, a bit of a domestic standoff in our household...

But, when I mentioned our attempt to lay out the red carpet for the bees, it was pointed out to me that the armada of bees is missing. Ambling among the golden field of dandelions which are really happily showing off their beauty, it came to my attention that there was no buzz.

In the years gone by, there usually would be that collective buzz outside. A merry mingling and catching up while hovering over the various blossoms provided. The lack of it frightens me terribly. Who will pollinate all the crops? More importantly, what has happened to those hard working bees?

Has our addiction to aesthetics and greed finally tipped the balance and sent the bees to extinction? All well and good having a pristine garden with nary a weed in sight, or having the perfect looking vegetable, but have you ever thought about the effect all of it has on the bees?

Others say that the various unseen rays flitting about everywhere, mainly the wifi ones, are confusing the bees or rather disorientating them with the result that worldwide the bee populations are reducing at an alarming rate.

At times it seems that the Bobster and I are the only ones not whipping out a Smartphone at the drop of a hat, the appearance of a cappuccino, a decoratively arranged plate of food or that recent craze of pouting ones lips in an alarming manner for an ubiquitous selfi.

Kind of ironic, that perhaps an Apple started the ball rolling...


A bee from last year...