Friday, 15 April 2016

I Can See Clearly Now...

The effect of my window cleaning madness has paid off.

It started with the sun shining brightly the other morning and was spurned along by Bob doing heavy duty yard work, work where I wasn't needed. Yes, I did offer and ask.

At first I took down the kitchen curtains in order to let them have their fun in our washing machine. If you've ever taken down curtains, you'll know that it tends to be tedious if not heavy duty domestic stuff. Dangerous too as it needs a chair to balance on while you de-hook them.

In our case, there must have been at least 1000 hooks although I own up to my exaggeration and admit it was at least 50. While I was balancing on one of the kitchen chairs, our little Mausi was inquisitive as can be and if she could have, she would have helped me. A few times I have noticed her love of watching me clean in the various poses: floor, bathroom and now the curtain affair.

Gosh, nosy-parker that she is, it took all my persuasion to keep her out of the washing machine. Coincidentally, she has made it her favourite perch and has been known to sleep on top of it.

Having exposed the window, sadly the true state of the glass was not to be hidden anymore and thus I again braved the kitchen chair and started the window cleaning with my trusty side kick inspecting the bucket and the odd drop that had landed next to it. Of course now and again she would jump on the sill and help clean (!) the window with her front paws. More of a streaky affair.

Funny, how the dread of cleaning is much greater than the actual deed. Once any sort of cleaning has started, before you know it, it is done and dusted. Now that I am sitting in front of a clean window, it is jolly nice to see the sun's rays passing through without being distorted by the odd freckle of dust...

Just to set your mind at ease: no, I haven't been snatched up by the Extreme Cleaning Cult and am still a card carrying member of the Just do the necessary and enjoy a life..

Please, never ever forget that there is more to life than to waste it on the vicious circle, which let's face it, cleaning happens to be...