Monday, 18 April 2016

A Monday Morning Has The Delightful Ability To Ring In An Interesting And Lovely Week.

A hint of good things to come.

Mondays do have the unfortunate timing of happening after a few days of rest, but even though it means a return to the grindstone of choice, Mondays do promise excitement, change and surprises in the week ahead. Sort of like a lucky packet.

One surprise, which really isn't one, is the arrival of my aunt and uncle from the Bavarian climes. They are staying at one of the Kellerstöckls but even though, we will get to mingle and catch up with them. Family matters after all.

Le Bob is even more excited about the coming visit, as he has learned from these last five years, that if family comes for a visit, delectable morsels are never far off. Especially the Bavarian morsels. In his mind, he is already planning when and where to eat the cheese, that he hopes to receive. We've had occasions of feasting on Weisswurst, Bretzen & Bavarian beer before too. We'll see how it pans out.

The area my family originates from is renowned for its cheese factory. This cheese is exported all over the world. Maybe you've seen it somewhere in your supermarket. The Bergader Cheese Factory One of their best known cheese is the Bavaria Blue...a most divine blue cheese. Anyway, when the family visits, their cooler boxes are often overflowing with cheese. Hold thumbs for us...

Today the birds were already chorusing merrily before the sun was up, and now that it is on the horizon the village is bathed in a warm glow. A warm glow that holds a hint of magic.

We all like to grumble about Mondays, but somehow a typical Monday can flit passed at the speed of light, not to mention the week it heads up. Sorry to burst your bubble, but do you know that New Year's is almost five months old? Time does fly.

I hope your week will be as nice or even better than you expect...Have a nice Monday.