Friday, 27 May 2016

Have You Ever Sat And Watched The World Go By?

Very old fashioned, I know.

It needn't take a lot of time but once you try it, time becomes meaningless and unimportant. Where you do it is also not really important. A bench outside the post office, a chair at a coffee shop, sitting next to a window or lying in a meadow and rather watching the planes fly by.

Taking a time out from the daily treadmill can be likened to turning into a rest stop on the highway and merely watching the cars speed past as opposed to fighting them for space and position on it. Some cars will drive as if they were being chased, some will meddle along the middle lane and the rest will take a slow approach on the outside lane...The funny thing is that all get to the same destination, whatever the speed.

When you take the time to ponder your surroundings without being a part of it, it leads to tranquility, serenity and a sense of gratitude.

Watching the world go by can also be a nice way to exercise your imagination. I love to look at the various character actors on this stage and imagine how their life unfolds, what their family is like and more importantly if they are happy.

In our modern connected world, it is very last century to sit back and watch life as opposed to sitting back and being absorbed by the little " Beam me up, Mr Scot! " device which might as well be another organ of the body...once you have it, it never leaves your side.

The ever changing technology has given us many benefits yet, it is also slowly eroding old school traits...Compassion, friendliness, the ability to listen, respect for others and old fashioned helpfulness. Oh, I nearly forgot, and the ability to make eye contact with others.

When one's busy conversing with the world online, it is a sad fact that the communing with the world offline gets forgotten or even thought of as unimportant.

There are some workaholics who would consider it a sign of weakness to take time out...but, perhaps they are too scared to take time out in case they don't like what they've done with & to their life.