Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The ' Zu'greisten ' Or The New Settlers Of Eisenberg.

Some more in's & out's to life in a small village.

As you know, our village usually numbers close to 400 souls and with the other four villages making up the Deutsch Schützen and Eisenberg ( Gemeinde ) local community or parish, the total is about about 1200. Only this past year three houses in one street of Eisenberg were put on the market and sold before you could blink. I think that could be called a buying frenzy.

There are quite a lot of us who've not been born and raised in the village, but have had the fortune to move here at some point in our lives. Some have married here, some have chosen to raise their children here and others have intuitively understood that to live here is akin to living in paradise.

Well, we've been given a moniker by those born and bred here:

Die Zu'greisten ' ( Zugereisten )
and literally translated means, those that have traveled here. What I find rather funny is the fact that distance makes no difference. Some have merely moved here from a few villages down the road and yet are almost put into the same category as the Bobster and I...

Us Zu'greisten like to be part of the community and with great aplomb and cheer volunteer for almost anything and more importantly take it as a compliment if we are allowed to participate.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I offer an hours walk through my work with the Leben im Dorf / Living in the village. Basically, our Gemeinde has employed me to either take people who've got no transport to the doctor, the local shop or to visit someone who lives alone. For the past year we've also included this walking opportunity in Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen. A chance for people to exercise in company ( otherwise we find excuses not to do any exercise ) and perhaps socialize too.

Guess who mostly takes up the offer? Oh yes, the Zu'greisten and while we are walking in the most breathtaking rural surroundings, we usually circle back to the topic of life in the village and more importantly of how much we all love living in it.