Saturday, 28 May 2016

Never Underestimate The Magnetism Of An Angry Bird.

A quick lunch in Oberwart.

The Bobster and I happened to be in Oberwart at lunchtime yesterday. We were in a rush, hot, bothered and of course mightily hungry. By pure coincidence, ahem, we were headed for temptation central...the traffic circle which has an off ramp to Einkaufszentrum Oberwart
( Oberwart's Shopping Center ), McDonald's
and for good measure another one to Burger King.

Personally I think that as we all know how confusing a traffic circle can be, if you miss the one exit, you can still eat at a temple of fast food. Or one can emulate Chevy Chase and do a version of

" Oh look kids, there's McDonald's again. "

At the moment they are adding or increasing the traffic circle and it is jolly difficult to enter the original temple...McDonald's, yet, unbelievably we did battle to find parking.

Both the Bobster and I have had ocassions to try their food, and don't deny that it has appeal but when we got there yesterday, we both thought we had landed on a different planet.

McDonald's has been upgraded with a whole lot of technology and efficiency. But, I have to admit that both of us didn't know where and how to order ( at the computerized board or at the counter ) which had me reveal my lack of fast food sophistication when I asked the lady queuing in front of me.

McDonald's Austria is making an effort to source their produce more responsibly and their special Austrian themed burgers are very tasty and much better than the ones we had at Burger King a while ago.

Eventually both of us had our order and found a table in a crowded restaurant. Kids were the main source of customers and there was a little boy at the table next to us, screaming because he couldn't sit outside in the play area ( they were packed to the rafters ) but mothers are a clever lot. She did the only thing possible and bribed him with the Happy Meal gimmick ( an Angry Birds mask ) which of course he could only wear if he ate his meal.

After that, I noticed how many kids were beaming from ear to ear with their Angry Birds loot. Now and again, it is quite nice to visit the temple of fast food and it's rather tasty too. Let's see how long it will be between visits!