Monday, 2 May 2016

A Weekend Of Wine-Tasting, Sunshine & Great Fun.

The Weinfrühling was a success and fun of note.

A May Day Weekend that could easily have turned into a mayday situation considering the amount of wine there was on offer! We had two days to peruse the 60 odd vintners in 5 for so locales at our leisure. Naturally we couldn't go everywhere so we chose Rechnitz and our own backyard.

The powers that be, Bob too, made us choose Rechnitz on the first day and thankfully so as Saturday had summer weather with bright sunshine, awesome scenery and people infused with joy de vivre. The nice thing about this event is that once you purchase a ticket, you firstly get to feel like a teenager again, because at our age we don't get many opportunities to sport an armband instead of a ticket, and secondly, the whole weekend, transport to and fro was free.

Rechnitz had the added bonus of having a tractor pulling a carriage as part of the shuttle service between the vintners. Now that was great fun. Wind blowing in our hair, scenery flashing past at a reasonable pace ( many selfies were made ) and locals giving a friendly wave. Bob, at one of the tractor trips got the best seat in the house...the seat on top of the front wheel. Gosh, you should have heard and seen him on it!

The wines we tasted at the various places were delectable, but after so many tastes, it was getting harder to differentiate. With great foresight, they each had put our a plate of eats, or rather a plate of blotting material...Schmalzbrot and also plain bread.

Sunday saw us perusing the Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen vineyards but alas, the weather had changed and it rained most of the day. Look, we had raincoats, enthusiasm and were looking forward to all the wines ahead of us and that negated any feeling of discontent with the weather fairy.

We somehow had managed to go contraire to the shuttle time table, and usually would have had a 50 min wait to get to the next station...But, and that is the nicest thing, at almost all the vintners, after we'd tasted the wines, the owners would drive us to the next place. Isn't that just the best?...And that is why I love living in our neck of the woods...


A trip on the tractor pulled " taxi " was huge fun. Will do that again for sure.
This is our very first station and we all looked fresh as daisies....alas, after that I didn't take too many photos as I rather wanted to enjoy the event...
Imagine, first tasting wonderful wine and then being driven passed this scenery? Lovely indeed.