Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another Slice Of Paradise.

Finding joy in nature's bounty...not just a glass of wine either!

Eisenberg is made even more attractive by these lovely red poppies next to a road in Deutsch Schützen. I like to call this road the Apple Avenue, as it has many apple trees standing to attention next to it.
These yellow beauties have so far escaped the chop of a lawnmower as they are among the tall grass on the verge of a neighbourhood road. For some reason, the world at large is bent on making it all look neat and the detriment of these elegant plants.
It rained the other day and I couldn't resist catching the roller coaster rides of each rain drop on the petals.
The fields of abundance in our area are mostly framed by these poppies. Walking about has many visual feasts and any niggling sadness is gone by the time one gets home.
Isn't it a stunner? All alone amid the green rural jungle...
Last week I took a photo of this mauve siren and within the space of a week, the fields behind it have matured and grown.
This year, we've decided to only have red sirens in our window boxes and clay pots. Being greeted with the budding flower placed in this emerald green setting is special every time.