Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Many Places To Make A Bed.

The princess and the pea perhaps?

The age old adage of " you make your bed, you lie in it " has clearly gone over little Mausi's head. One bed...don't be daft, that isn't nearly enough for a cat.

As both the Bobster and I are slaves to our little cat, love her dearly and would do anything for her, we of course created a slumber oasis for her a while ago. A real treat indeed and even a specially purchased soft bouncy cushion for her to recline on while in a fabulous vintage wicker basket. Any cat but ours would give her left whiskers for it!

For a short while, it seemed to do the trick and it was a case of luring her out of it just to get a cuddle. As much as she loved that basket, after two weeks, she grew bored and was on to softer pastures inside the bedroom. We'd made a rookie mistake and left the wardrobe doors slightly ajar.

Those of you who are married will understand when I say, that Bobster blamed me for having left the door ajar!

One night we couldn't find her and searched high and low for her, even going so far as to switch on all lights and looking in her usual hiding places. Nothing to be seen until I happened to glance inside the wardrobe, thinking I had seen something in it. Well, there was our princess in between my winter jerseys and giving me the hairy eyeball for having had the gall to awaken her!

That little retreat was cut off for her and it took two nights of enduring the loud scratching that her claws made as she tried to nudge the glass door open.

At times, or rather at fortunate times, she cuddles and makes our bed her bed ( yes, you don't need to remind me that I folded like a soft blanket...mea culpa). Yet, sadly even those cute times are meagre indeed. Often the window sill, the high chair, the inside of the laundry hamper, the couch or the washing machine get first pick.

Last night, I stumbled half asleep into our bathroom, switched on the light and saw her lying sleepily on a bunch of discarded clothes that should actually have been put into the hamper. Gosh, nothing is sacred to her!

Oh, there is one other place she loves and it is on my lap as I do write the daily blogs or joining either Bob or me on the couch to watch a bit of telly. Those moments when she curls up on us are so precious, make our hearts melt even more and of course enslave us totally.


One of her slumber places...on my legs.
Another of her favourites...
The bathroom seems to be a clear winner....