Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Where Do You Store Your Wine?

The many places to keep your bottles.

As you know, we are rather fortunate in that we've got an earth cellar, or rather an outbuilding that is built halfway into the ground and used to be the fridge of yesteryear. But before you turn a shade greenish, I have to point out that it is a hundred meter walk and does have the odd spiderweb and no light. A trip at night is not alright...

When you add a cold winter to the equation, it makes a lot of sense for me to keep my stash of wine in the back bedroom. Easy access and still cool enough not to spoil the wine. This morning I got a bit of a scare in that the sun was doing its best to warm up my few bottles of wine standing along in a line waiting to be sentenced.

Well, no more as they are now gracing the cool wall of our back bathroom for at least a few days! Hopefully my problem is solved and if not, I will put them back into our earth cellar and just send Bob out with a torch when needed...

While my mind was circling about the many nooks and crannies I could have stored the wine, I seemed to recall being in friends' kitchens and seeing the wine rack upon a fridge, counter top or yikes, next to the oven! Of course they'll never become wine aficionados when they keep on tasting warm wine.

The other extreme that I've seen sprouting up everywhere, is the new trend of having a wine cooler in your kitchen. Sort of like the dishwasher was the appliance to have in the past, now the wine cooler is the new yardstick of success.

Regardless of where you keep your stash of wine, it still depends on the type of wine you collect. Well, collect might be a misnomer in our house but some of you do keep a proper wine cellar. Ah, for me a proper wine cellars would be one with oak barrels against one stony wall, racks of bottles against the other and a table with old fashioned wooden chairs in the middle...what more could one want? Apart from someone to share it with...