Monday, 9 May 2016

All The World's A Stage ...

Have we all gone Hollywood?

Cast your mind back a few years to that historic pre-Smartphone era and how the major events or even just the mundane daily ones were conducted. A bit different, weren't they?

Take yesterday's Mother's Day occasion and the glaringly obvious way everyone was picture perfect for that surprise photo being taken for only a few hundred of our closest best friends on to Facebook see, like or share. In the past, most mums who were treated to a homemade breakfast, hadn't even brushed their hair or had changed out of their pyjamas and that was a good thing. Nice and relaxing. Who, but the family was there to see it?

Many wonderful messages were penned for a public online perusal and even though each mum deserves the accolades, I couldn't help but wonder if it was mainly written for the mums or for the Facebook audience?

A lot of what we do these days has a hint of stage management about it and most of the numerous online postings seem to show us, the audience, a perfect life lived. But how much of it is reality? Is everyone's life as glamorous and perfect as they would like us to believe?

The celebrity magazines used to be the only gig in town and it was fun to read the latest exploits and going on's of the Hollywood crowd. When did the rest of us start to be starlets? Posing for this and that, eating here and there and travelling everywhere all while being our own paparazzi and recording each bit via Smartphone on or rather in the ubiquitous online public notice board.

A lot of the Hollywood crowd don't survive this insatiable public thirst of wanting to know each minute of their life and despite their fortunes, good looks and seemingly perfect lives, they lose themselves in unhappiness...

What makes us so sure that we won't end up deeply unhappy or disillusioned about life, a life which before the advent of Smartphones we were quiet happy with?