Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Many Ways To Eat An Egg Or Two.

The eggs from our neighbour's chickens win favour.

Where to start? Well, we've had friends over for the weekend and as one does when someone stays over, all the stops were pulled out! The Bobster insisted on farm laid eggs and walked a kilometer to collect them from the small holding down the road. Just to lay your mind at ease, he wore shoes and this isn't a story of " Oh, I walked a mile barefoot in the snow to get the eggs. " Of course he insisted that some of the green shelled type would be included as he thought our friends would never have seen a green egg.

Both of us were rather confused the first time we laid eyes on green shelled eggs and we drew straws of who would eat them first...but, I had not idea how good they taste.

Saturday morning, our first breakfast with our friends, was a tad bit late which might have been a result of a trip to one of the local Buschenschanks the night before. Once everyone was awake and had had their first cup of tea or coffee, I prepared breakfast and asked both our friends:

" How would you like your eggs cooked? Fried, scrambled or boiled? "

" Oh, you know, I would love to have eggs in a cup with soldiers! "

I've never eaten my boiled eggs that way, but suddenly the three of them were dreamily reminiscing about their mothers making these egg soldiers in a cup. Unanimously it was decided to make boiled eggs for this breakfast favourite of yesteryear.

" I want an egg that's been boiled for 3 and a half minutes. "
" I'll have a 4 minute egg. "
all my pleas that this might be a touch to little fell on deaf ears and would you believe it, my friend stood next to the stove and timed the 3 and a half minutes to the second. Surreptitiously I had already chosen the smaller sized egg for them as I knew they would balk at eating an under cooked egg.

I know my chickens and yes, the first egg was under cooked and the other's were put back into the pot a bit longer.

The other hindrance to this opportunity to relive one of their childhood treats, was the fact that we don't own egg cups. The Bobster and I seem to have watched a lot of McGyver growing up and with sangfroid Bobster rescued a truly sticky situation with a Schnapps glass. Those we do have a lot of...

Suffice to say, that we had soldiers in a Schnapps-cup two days in a row and the only thing different was the fact that we didn't have the white toast slices so common in South Africa. Unfortunately, the toasted rye bread strips weren't quite the thing...oh, and obviously they all missed their mums, who always had made sure that their breakfast was special.

Just goes to show, that a mere breakfast sates the body and mind for longer than one might think!