Sunday, 22 May 2016

Another Successful Concert For The Deutsch Schuetzen Choir.

The annual spring concert.

Last night was my fifth time of being at this particular concert. The choir that my mum is part of and spends long hours at practice throughout the year. One wouldn't think that such a small community has a choir who really is a proper choir, but we do and they gave us a stunning performance last night.

Every year, I try and help behind the scenes by either sitting at the entrance desk and collecting donations, putting out eats or cleaning and clearing up.

This year I've moved onto a slightly higher echelon of the helper's circuit...pouring drinks. Even Bob hasn't cracked that elite nod at his firemen's club and honestly, I have to admit I was a wee bit nervous. The drinks were mainly wine, spritzers and beer.

Another lifetime ago, I had the good fortune of working a few summers in the Scottish Highlands which coincidentally has also been blessed with paradise like surroundings and fabulous people.

Well, at one stage during my time in Scotland I was also helping behind a bar mainly filling pint glasses with beer. One of the things I remember vividly was how the English tourists thought I had short changed them out of a sip of beer because I had filled the beer glasses the Bavarian way. You know, with proper inch or so of foam...oh, they voiced their opinions rather loudly while I secretly was pleased as punch to have achieved the correct amount of foam. Not that easy to manage...

With that in mind, I was a bit worried about pouring the right amount of wine into the glass...just in case, the few that I did pour erred on the side of caution and very full indeed.

One of my highlights, apart from the choir's performance was seeing the villagers in 3D...Gosh, I know this sounds very high tech, but I merely meant that getting to know everyone, talking to some and actually listening has given them shapes, sides, depth and of course more humanity.

Listening, which is rather rare these days, allows one to see the beauty behind the walls that most of us tend to put up for fear of being judged...