Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Just Some More Glimpses Of Burgenland's Marvelous Countryside.

My idea of paradise.

Where else do you get a gaggle of geese, in single file a la Beatles, meandering about the neighbourhood in the morning?
This lot had slipped out of their Geesenyland while being fed...after I had finished clicking away ( and you can see they loved it ) the farmer came to round them up or rather to sweet talk them. Geese are a bit on the stubborn side.
A mere meadow, but a fabulous example of nature's ability of making the most delicate and delightful plants and flowers, arranged to each one's perfection.
Did you also take these dandelion stalks and blow of the petals, in order to see if you'll be married? Well, there is a field of marital bliss waiting right there...
Again, a mere shrub, but when you look closer you can see how perfectly place the blossoms are next to each other and how they form these ball like shapes. Just love it.
I like the crisp and sharp effect of this combination. Plain and simple.
A walk between the two Eisenbergs...the village and the vineyard.