Friday, 28 April 2017

A Bit Of Calm Before The Wine-Weekend.

Weinfrühling in Eisenberg.

The Bobster and I are a typical couple sans kids. We are used to peace and quiet which only recently has been shattered by the arrival of Miss Mausi, she who rules the roost and has all of us in the palm of her paws.

The last three weeks we've been happy to have Bob's folks visiting us. As nice as it always is one does have to adjust to not being alone yet, once they leave, one has to adjust to being alone again. Strange, isn't it?

Yesterday the house swelled to six people and I must commend our little cat for not flipping out. At night she cuddled as close as she could to me, never leaving my side.

Just after eight this morning everyone left and the hour before had a certain likeness to Home Alone. Don't worry, nobody was left behind and as we speak our house has a calm though rather dejected feel about it... although only for the next few hours!

Friends of ours are taking a long weekend break from the hustle and bustle of London to unwind while sampling the many wines on offer during the Weinfrühling festival. Tomorrow and Sunday the vineyards are going to be teeming with happy wine lovers, proudly carrying a wine glass each and a spring in their step which usually changes into a stumbling gait after the first few stations.

Two days in a row of only meandering from one vineyard to the other while sampling a lot of their wares does remind one of the carefree days of being a student. Naturally then we all were thrilled to taste Bacardi & coke, or Esprit ( what were we thinking ) and wouldn't have stepped foot in a wine tasting festival unless we'd have been working there.

When I asked Bob whether he drank Esprit when he was a student, he regaled me with a funny story. Turns out that Bob and his brother conned their parents into buying lots of Esprit while they were at the beach for a family holiday. His mum thought it was fruit juice and the two naturally didn't correct her...

Both of us are looking forward to the strenuous days ahead....lifting a glass and savouring its contents isn't that easy after all.


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