Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Ah, Never Discount April.

An unbelievable week.

Only last week it was so warm that Bob and his dad pranced about in shorts. Granted, Bob's were a tad more fashionable but wear them they did. Washing on the line dried in record time which surprised everyone but me. Burgenland is hot...

The lawns put on a colourful base for all and sundry wild flowers to grow. Dandelion being the main one and I was thrilled that I could distinguish the buzzing sound of bees grazing on our lawn from the plentiful tweeting of birds. Let me tell you that it isn't always easy keeping the Bobster away from pushing his lawnmower over this collage. So what if the neighbours think us lazy at least we provide fodder for the bees and quizzes.

Dear friends, please leave your lawns looking hippy-ish a while longer. Don't forget we need the bees strong and healthy.

Well, from those lovely warm days we've gone straight bang into a round of extreme cold ones. Yikes, some areas of Austria are expecting snow. Bob's already muttering.

There was a village funeral yesterday which I attended but due to the high numbers of mourners and my being a bit tardy, I heard the whole service from outside the church doors. Oh, I wasn't alone and many of us late comers were whipped about by the freezing wind. A whiff of snow was in the air.

Funerals are moments where we collect our thoughts, ideas about life and take the time to think of the person who's gone. I must say, yesterday's funeral was the best attended I've been to in Eisenberg. Great send off to a nice lady.

The next few days will be extremely cold and we've fired up our oven again. The weather vane on our neighbour's roof doesn't know which way to turn first. The wind is howling, the skies are pitted with dark grey clouds and rain might not be far out and yet I love it. A bit of cloak and dagger weather is divine and reminds me of many a murder mystery read. Life is grand, whatever the framework we are blessed to live it in...


A buffet for our bees is laid out...

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