Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Shot Of Truth Perhaps?

Makes you think, doesn't it?

We were doing a typical Burgenland thing...we went to a Buschenschank with family and of course had a great time. Who wouldn't? Sampling the local fare ( the edible and liquid sort of course ) set a nice full stop to a busy day. Actually more of an exclamation mark.

Anyway, we were just about to leave when one of the locals, a delightful character who loves the nightlife of our village, came over to sit with us for a bit. He was funny and even started to serenade Bob's mum with a local, a never-ending song. She was rather flattered of course. As one does when a man serenades one! Somehow the fact that she wouldn't understand one word he sang did sort of encourage him further!

He then started to tell ( or rather brag ) about his various illnesses and how he beat them. Isn't it funny how when one reaches a certain age, the stories of prowess are swept aside by stories of illness? Don't get me wrong, I was impressed like mad at how much he has managed to shake off and carry on with life and more importantly with a smile.

He is rather fond of the local wine and really folks don't throw stones in a glass house and told the story of how he outlived many of the specialists who either gave him a new hip, knee or advice. Two of his medical advisers had already been left behind and despite not listening to their kind advice, he was still about.

Often when I talk to the old guard in the village, they tell me how for most of their lives, they had a shot of Schnapps with breakfast. Kick starting the old engine, so to speak...Who am I to raise an eyebrow when the person in question is over 90 and hale as can be? Also, who could ever forget the Queen Mum who lived to be 102 while enjoying a glass or two daily?

When the world's awash with tablets and pills it might not be the worst idea to listen to those old household remedies from least some of the time.


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