Monday, 24 April 2017

Goodness Me, Monday Already?

Another week of adventures.

Mondays do come around rather quickly. Before you know it the normality of life sets in but with the same haste as it appears, it gives way to a Friday. Did you know that Christmas was four months ago?

This morning was an early start with my walking group. No really, we set off at seven. A less than sunny seven with one lady just waking up, the others including me, shivering from the cold morning. For some odd reason we have all put away our winter gear and are making do with double layers of t-shirts and light jackets. In my case, I borrowed Bob's spencer and he got cross until I reminded him that it was his idea to change the wardrobes around so soon.

Talking about the cold mornings... we are still holding back with planting flowers etc because the Eisheiligen ( cold spell ) could still happen in the next few weeks and with it do damage to newly planted garden dwellers. An old folklore that is hardly ever wrong. Once it is over, our windows will sparkle again with colourful window boxes.

We walked and talked and managed a 7,5 km walk. It might have been longer if I hadn't heralded everyone around the corner. Next time perhaps. My gosh, they are considering adding on an additional 3-4 km. Isn't it great how they now love to walk? Proud of them...

It seems that yesterday was a miracules Sunday...Bob got up at quarter to six and walked with me. A long walk along the Pinka. It seems as if the walking bug has taken ahold of him as he was already planning our next walk but with double the distance. Fantastic! Bob wants to walk a loop taking us via Badersdorf and Kofidisch to the divine Csaterberg region.

After taking a drive there after breakfast we were reminded of how many stunning little villages there are in our area. Well, let's see if we will see it next on foot or by car...