Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A New Way To Keep Leftover Cake.

Eh, that is if you have any...

Please, I know that leftover cake is an oxymoron unless the cake is more of a fly-cake or more politically put, a fruit cake. Years ago when I worked in the divine surrounds of the Scottish Highlands the cake of choice rather often was a fruit cake. As you can tell, I am not fond of it and often used to wonder why it was so very popular.

Yesterday afternoon we hosted a coffee and cake do and due to miscommunication, I too made a cake. Pretty sure that mum said I should make one ( obviously as the hostess ) but when they came over, mum sported a divine cake. A homemade apple cake that put my pound cake into the shade ( quite rightly, as mum's cakes are legendary ) and made sure that there would be lots of leftover pound cake.

As I was pondering how to keep this cake, knowing that mum would leave whatever of her cake was left with us, I remembered the cantuccini lot. Or, as they say back home, the rusks. One forgets that a rusk is a dried out cake. Oh, the memories of being at boarding school and dipping an Ouma rusk into a milky cup of coffee!

So, while the table was still having discussions, memories and jokes passed across it, I whipped my cake away and started to slice it. Mum, got up to help me and we did a whole tray of rusks. Well, not perfect yet but on the way.

My pound cake has rather a lot of butter in it ( a whole slab ) and coupled with the 5 farm eggs, the rich fatty substance didn't help in drying it out. Even this morning, they still had a moist texture to them. Tasty though.

At the moment our house is loaded with cakes, biscuits and morsels of interest, so only a saint could withstand the temptation. Isn't it funny how when one gets visitors who quite rightly experiment with all the local fares on offer, we tend to join right in.

" Oh, I have to try this...haven't had it for at least a day. "