Monday, 3 April 2017

A Monday Morning Thankfully Again.

The long and short of it. Of Time.

As much as one tends to grumble about the swiftness of time, it is a blessing to be a part of it. Life seems rather fleeting for some and often we only get reminded of this, when we hear of some who don't get to experience life.

How long will it take for us to knuckle down and enjoy life instead of putting hurdles and obstacles in the path?

Oh, only when I am this / that/ or the other will I take the time to enjoy my life.
Does that sound familiar? A plethora of self help books on my shelf and on bookstore's ones can attest to our modern problem of quite simply having none.

Let's face it, being separated from perfection, perfection geared towards societal norms ( although to be honest, how many women could be eligible to be arm candy accessories apart from that infamous 0,001 % ? ) is hardly a reason to put full stop on life. It shouldn't even be a little comma in our road to happiness.

Our modern obsession with being connected has swung the pendulum a bit too far. Facebook has many uses but often serves as a type of mirror. One of those mirrors of distortion we all visited at a country fair. Everything looks oh so perfect and makes us feel like the distorted image. Are we really that shallow and dare I say taken in?

A Monday morning is often a great start to some sort of resolution, denial or priority...well, I think the main goal for most of us should be a promise to be happy with what we have right now. To be happy for a chance to experience a sunrise. To be happy to hear the early morning bird serenade and be able to walk among it. Oh, and did I mention the fact that I am happy to have all those vital necessary, shelter, health and Bob to share it with!.