Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Vienna & Back On The Road Less Traveled.

An international day for the Bobster and I.

Bob's parents are here on holiday and yesterday we went to fetch them at the airport. Or should I say, collect them? Standing at an airport arrival's gate is akin to waiting at the post office for your parcel. A mingling of people standing there waiting with balloons, banners of welcome or mere taxi-pick-up boards. Oh, and there were we, eagerly awaiting the arrival alas, sans balloons, banners or cameras but equipped with big smiles.

Mingling at an international airport is like being on holiday and why does one not simply take the kids for a day at the airport? All the attractions are there. The feel of a mall ( no going on holiday without stopping at a mall ), a McDonald's, a bookshop and several food emporiums. Not to mention the fact that all types of people and languages are about. Personally, I felt as if I've been on a holiday and am so so so glad to be back home...

From our home in the midst of Burgenland it is about two hours to the airport and usually involves a long stretch on a busy highway complete with trucks and irritated rash drivers. Not that much fun. Well, Bob found a wonderful new way to the airport and the best part of it is that it only takes an extra 30 odd kilometers, perhaps an extra 20 minutes and in the process leaves you your sanity intact.

Navigating the many turns on a highway around any Mega city is not for the faint of heart and definitely not good for marital bliss!

We drove the rural roads via Eisenstadt, Purbach and Neusiedl am See to get to the airport. Oh, how absolutely divine. The scenery was breathtaking especially now that the blossoms are ubiquitous dotting the landscape with brightness. We drove through quaint villages and in the process saw yet more of this magical place called Burgenland.

We've seen the usual airport route so often but yesterday, driving the road less traveled made it seem like a Sunday drive. The cherry on top being that the actual driving on a highway was a mere 30 odd kilometers and it took us straight to the airport, circumventing Vienna itself. Well done to Bob for discovering this route and showing me yet another beautiful facet of our new home...