Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Four Eisenbergs Meet Again. thunder, lightening or in rain...

Oops, was it three or four Eisenbergs? Just like us folks, villages and towns do have their namesakes. Rather alluring to know that there are a few more Eisenberg villages out there in the world. For as long as I can remember ( in this case 6 years ) there has been the annual convention of these few villages on a rotating basis.

Buses are hired and the dignitaries and those looking for a good bash are ferried to the appropriate Eisenberg. This year it is in our village and as we speak, I see the bus parked outside our gate. Since their arrival yesterday the village has been teeming with walkers dressed in bright colours. A clear signal of German tourists. No, no, too cold for Birkenstocks.

You laugh, but I myself love my Birkenstocks and during winter wear them with socks albeit indoors. Too comfortable for words and heels are so last year...

A pity that this weekend the skies have clouded over and decided to drop a continuous supply of precipitation. Look, we do need it but as a show piece our village does look better set in blue.

I remember our first summer here and of course our first encounter with our village's namesakes. Good gracious me, it was as hot as blazes and we were busy mixing cement for our floors. Mixing cement all Saturday ( actually each Saturday for 4 months ) long ( 7am-5pm ) and doing it the manual way.

Even in my sleep I can recall the ratio....14 shovels of sand, 2-3 buckets of water and 7 shovels of cement. Who knew how much cement goes into a floor never mind a house! One chap walking passed stopped to watch us work ( is there anything nicer on holiday than to watch someone else's travails? ) but took it upon himself to tell me how to better shovel the sand...I nearly told him where to put the shovel....

Rainy weather doesn't really worry me that much. Reading is a great way to while the time away and walking about outside is far better in a drizzle than in a fizzle.