Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hiding My Shampoo...

Any woman's treasure!

In my defence, I have longish hair which tends to be enhanced with colour and unfortunately dulled by the local water. Harsh alkaline water, water that makes your chrome bathroom fixtures pale to a scaly white and makes short shrift of any coffee machine or kettle. Imagine what it does to my hair when unaided by those special alchemist potions we ladies like to wash our locks with.

If I hadn't worked in the hairdressing industry the whole goldie locks potion business would have passed me by, but once you know how silky and shiny the locks can be there is no turning back.

For a long time I had used some generic less expensive shampoo & conditioner and sadly, my hair looked rather thatchy. Hair is hair but hair is also a woman's self image, security and femininity. Men don't tend to understand but most women will. Men will get an inkling when they see us sport a shiny head of hair coupled with a renewed sense of confidence. Vanity deluxe of course, but that is just the way it is.

Anyway, for Christmas one of the ladies in my walking group gave me a shampoo & conditioner set. We had talked about hair months back yet she'd remembered and ordered me the stuff she uses. Oh, it was divine and after the first day I could feel more movement in my hair. Never mind a bit more shine. Heavenly.

Knowing my husband well and bear in mind that he has short hair, almost a number 2 all over, I chose to find a different abode for these two bottles. What he doesn't know won't worry him...until the day I forgot to take them out of the shower. Once used it is hard to resist and even though I made a daily effort to hide the bottles, suspiciously they were finished before they should have been. Tellingly, the last centimeter of shampoo was weak and runny like water. Perhaps a coincident and perhaps not...

A new lot of fabulous hair enhancing potions have found their way into our home and cunningly I have decanted them into different bottles. Very mean spirited of me but all's fair in hair and marriage. Dear men, don't judge me yet. Try and use your other half's tailor made hair goodies and see what reaction that evokes.