Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ach, Just Another Day In Paradise.

The weekend beckons.

As I am looking out of the kitchen window I have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. The roof across the yard is covered in white dust. It looks like powder sugar but is the celestial snowy kind. Outside on the window sill is a clay rabbit left over from Easter and it makes a nice contrast to the snow covered roof. Snow at the end of April, who'd have thought?

In looks it is rather romantic but in reality it is a nightmare for the vintners. Tonight they are expecting minus 5 degrees which might devastating for the budding vines.

Tonight will be the coldest night and a lot of the local wine farmers are lighting hay bales between the rows of vines to keep the iciness at bay. Bob's been put on standby by his fire chief in case a spark lands in the wrong place. Please hold thumbs that the vines will be okay and that the predicted cold spell was a slight exaggeration by the weathermen.

For our visitors from warmer climes, the falling snowflakes were a first. Gosh, they have been glued to the windows following the individual snowflakes in their pirouetting dance to the ground. Did I mention that we've also had extremely strong winds? Bob told his parents to bring warm clothes, but what parent ever listens to their offspring? At least Bob can say I told you so...

This too shall pass and before we know it, the sun will be out in full force and summer will continue. A cold spell now and again isn't that bad as it gives one an opportunity to pursue the fine hobby of reading. Reading a book while reclining on a couch, a cup of tea or coffee at hand is after all one of life's pleasures.

Thank goodness we live so far away from bustle and hustle as the temptation to mindlessly meander along the long corridors of a shopping mall is removed. We might go for a walk later on, we might not. We might clean the house, we might not. We might eat comfort food...oh, how silly of course we will, starting now with a Bavarian style Bretzen smothered in butter.