Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Adventurous Life Of Maus.

A laugh a minute.

A few of our windows are covered with mosquito netting which, believe me is extremely necessary as we live next to a big pond and often the mozzies are busy buzzing about. This netting is also a grand way to have Mausi be a part of the outdoors without being outdoors. Remember, she is a house cat.

Often she repines hours and hours in the open window just watching the world around her without ever wanting to join it. How do I know? Well, she isn't constantly clawing at the netting.

Yesterday morning while brushing my teeth I heard a big loud clonking sound. Going to investigate I saw little Miss Muffet hanging precariously on the netting. Half way in and half way out. A bird doing its thing outside the window had caught her attention and wanting to follow its antics, Mausi had leaned a bit to vigorously against it. It gave way.

When I saw her and she saw me- halfway out the window - I swear I could see her lift an imaginary paw and wave a cheeky goodbye to me...

" Thanks for everything mum, see you later..."
Naturally it didn't take me longer than two seconds to be by her side. Lifting her out of the dangling frame I could feel her little heart beating quickly and it might have been beating for the bird that nearly graced her pallet.

In case you were wondering, I will set your minds at ease...she loves being with us and hasn't clawed and meaowed in front of windows or doors. Remember, there are many many dangers outside for her. The foxes often cut a painful path through farmers chickens, tractors career about alarmingly not to mention the speeding cars but somehow I feel that the many tomcats that are scouring our yard would be the most harmful to her...Bob would have his shotgun out constantly, protecting his little girl!