Sunday, 30 April 2017

First Day Of Wine Tasting Done & Dusted.

Ready for day two...

As we speak I have had the pleasure of munching a proper Scottish Shortbread. Yes, Walker's and what a treat it is. Our friends from London always spoil us with those little tidbits one can't get in Burgenland and actually one can't live without ( I might have another one before breakfast ). Oh, and a tin of real English tea and two divine books. Heavenly.

We did quite a lot yesterday. Starting off at 11 am with that distinct wine glass dangling in a bag around our necks and a joy de vivre at seeing sunshine, being with great friends and having over ten wine tasting venues ahead of us.

One can't help but notice that just like in life, wine tastings have distinct social structures. The spitters, the sippers and the quaffers. Knowing how much hard work is involved in making wine, I adopted the middle category, although I asked for only a dash of each wine knowing there would be today as well. Gosh, those bunches of grapes that have withstood the vagaries of weather don't deserve to end up in a spittoon. Ghastly thought!

Before starting off I was going to look at a tutorial of how to elegantly use the spittoon, but on second thoughts there just is no elegant way to do it. Oh my, can you imagine the awkward and clumsiness of it. Funnily enough towards the end of the day most spitters and sippers turned to quaffers in any case.

As we meandered ( yes, we walked most of the Deutsch Schützen vineyards ) from one wine estate to the other, it dawned on me how fortunate Bob and I are to live in a place where others go on holiday. So far, this year's wine tasting has been fabulous and over a thousand people ( according to hearsay ) are enjoying the paradise that we call home.