Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Little Road Trip To Riegersburg Caslte.

The Bobster finds the most scenic routes ever...

Bob announced a visit to Riegersburg Castle firstly because it is nearby ( about 70 km ) and secondly for a chance to show his folks the beauty of our part of the world. Well, he hit bull's eye with this trip.

He took the roads less travelled and in the process took us through some of the most scenic villages, towns and countrysides. Coupled with the greens and colourful blossoms it was a magical trip.

Those of you who know Bob, also know that he has got an encyclopedia memory for roads and routes. Once driven it is imprinted in his map-memory. Well, yesterday he had a moment of indecision but threw caution to the wind and just took a chance and the right way.

Burgenland is still my favourite province but Steiermark isn't without its charm either. We finally found the road up to the castle. What an impressive one at that. There was a choice of walking up ( 45 min ) or taking the extremely steep funicular. Lately I have added into my bag of tricks the delightful infliction of fearing heights. Taking this modern contraption pulled by a mere cable up a steep slope had me close my eyes despite snickers from the gallery.

The wind was howling, the trip up took 45 seconds and the castle at the top was impressive. Imagine this building being built over 1000 years ago with nary a crane, buggy or tip truck in sight? Makes us look ridiculous when we moan about the stress of building a house.

It was so windy up there and all I could think about was this cable car being derailed by it. I left the others to lean into the wind while going up the cobble stoned entrance and took the next ride down. No, I didn't kiss the ground upon arriving safely but took the time to sit and reflect on a bench while waiting for the others.

Did I mention that the castle was built upon a dormant volcano? Yikes, thankfully it stayed so...

A Buddah enjoying the view...gosh, look at how thick those walls are.
I managed to take this photo at the top and you can see the steepness of the hill. Next time I'll walk up.
The cobbled road winding up to the entrance of the castle.
Finally, what would I do without these benches...