Monday, 10 April 2017

A Slow Visual Start To Monday.

My little anti-dote to a topsy-turvy world.

Walking through the forest was a treat as the recently cut wood was still wafting its own particular brand of perfume about. Divine and when the sun peeked through it was even better.
This should give you an idea about the earliness of time. The forest was just changing over from night shift to day shift...
The tulips are out everywhere and it was a show stopper driving passed this one. Would be interesting to see how many people notice them on the verge?
Shrubs of innocence it seems. The white mini-blossoms are amazing in their unity. The aroma around it was far better than any perfume.
The whole picture...colour coded it seems.
I know it's merely a photo of a piece of lawn, but this frame does have a bit of cheekiness about. Look at how each blade of grass is styled differently...
To end off, a photo of a different wine area. The Hannersberg vineyards are not bad either.