Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Do You Like Honey?

To mow or not to mow...

Somehow it is becoming a bit of an annual event with us but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Bobster does it just for the fun of seeing me take off from sedate to irate. Men do have that quality!

We are all so scared of not fitting in, or being pointed out for unsavoury reasons that often we leave common sense and age old wisdom by the wayside. Let's talk honey for a moment. The real kind, the bee kind.

Honey is just the tip of the iceberg of what a bee produces. Without bees we wouldn't eat. Pollination, pollination and some more pollination. Buzzing about as they do, they need nourishment. Nourishment they garner from eg, dandelions. Dandelions, most people don't know what they look like because they are obsessed with keeping a neat lawn. A green boring bit of grass.

Back to our marital tiff. I fight tooth and nail for the bees in our neck of the woods and go supersonic if Bob takes the lawnmower out to destroy the buffet table of our bees. The neighbours will just have to look a while longer at our delightfully colourful lawn. A happy lawn, a buzzing lawn, a lifesaver of a lawn.

A lot of folks will put me into the tree hugger category, but here is a little proof...

Our neighbour keeps his lawn razor sharp, neat and weed free on a weekly basis. Fair enough, each to his own. We have adjacent back lawns with both of us having at least 15 fruit trees on them. Last year the branches of our trees almost broke under the weight of the abundant fruit bounty yet, our neighbour ( his trees were only meters from ours ) had hardly any fruit and in fact asked to get some plums from our trees. Even though he was amazed out our fruit abundance, he didn't quite believe my explanation of it as I have seen him mowing his lawn a few times already.


Isn't it a nice?

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