Friday, 14 April 2017

Alone With My Thoughts...

Or so I thought!

This morning was a real treat. We were up early and I decided to go for a long walk on my own. The chickens down the road were still in their coop dozing away and most houses showed little signs of life within. An ideal time to walk and let the mind roam.

My route was rather long but the various birds along the way tweeted their approval and the many lilac shrubs enveloped me in an aroma of their distinct perfume. A lovely scent wafting about every hundred meters or so.

For many of the houses I know who lives in them. Have taken enough interest to find out the individual life stories. Who wouldn't want to know...that is what makes life so jolly interesting. For example, the renowned artist on top of the Eisenberg was shuffling to his postbox. Unfortunately he was back inside before I could greet him but I saw how he had changed the mere door of his garage into a piece of art.

About half way into the walk I happened to notice a beautiful yellow arrangement a bit off the road. The house looked empty so I didn't hesitate to go and take photos. Half hidden from the road but not quite. My bright scarf would attract anyone's eye.

Murphy's law, I heard the engine of a car approaching but as I had a great shot in my sights, I carried on clicking. When the car seemed almost next to me I could just about picture what the driver might think. This gal needed to go to the loo! Yikes, I quickly stepped back out ( just like someone would do who'd used nature's facilities ) and swung my camera wildly in front of me to make sure whoever saw me knew the reason I ducked into the shrubs.

Well, I almost died with embarrassment when I heard a hoot and saw the driver wave hello while clearly chuckling to himself. Drat and darn, it was a driver who has been my constant passer by through the years. Somehow he drives passed me at some point along my walks and now he will think of me ducking into the shrubs whenever we meet at a local function.


Beautiful, isn't it?