Friday, 7 April 2017

A News Gathering...

Small town delights.

Rather small village, I should say. It was an icy cold morning today or more accurately said, the day was cooler than most with a bit of a biting wind in the offing. Walking is fun in any weather when dressed appropriately but with the renewed feelings of summer I have banished the warm walking arsenal to the barn.

Today saw me stepping about with an Eisenberg lady and she decided to take the route to the shop. Spending some money and meeting up with others. No really, a chance to mingle and catch up on the tidbits associated with living in a small village.

Friday is the perfect day for it as a new guard of shop-able items gets delivered. Almost a crush as the ladies vying for the best cut of meat, salads or breads. I love standing there and listening to various on dits of village life floating past.

As we left the shop on our way back, we encountered a few local ladies either getting in or out of their cars. What is the most natural thing in the world to ensue when a few women meet? A round of chit chat, a round of news gathering or quite simply a round of village gossip. And why not, that is what makes living in a small place so attractive.

Gossip sounds so harsh and in reality is only a way to find out what so and so has been up to or who went on holiday and who is this that and the other. Gossip tends to be the glue that binds a village together. Often it is in these casual conversations that one finds out about someone needing to be visited or someone needing help.

Later, when I walked home on my own, I met one of my distant ( two roads over ) neighbours. She was enjoying the solitude and quietness of a walk. For very good reasons, as she told me that very soon she'd be a double granny. Goodness gracious me, what have they put into our local water? So far three babies have lined up to become valued Eisenberger's in the next few months.

Ah. the good old village life...


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