Saturday, 22 April 2017

Homemade Soup & Bread...

Tastes even better when made by Bob.

Men are real geniuses in the kitchen if and when they put their minds to it. They are efficient with the dishes ( very important as usually the one who doesn't cook does wash the dishes ) dirtied or maybe I am just fortunate because Bob likes washing as he goes along.

Bob decided to make supper last night and had a bread on the go while at the same time chopping vegetables to start his homemade vegetable soup. Divine indeed and his parents are more than impressed at the culinary talents their son has.

Being good at BBQ'ing doesn't compare with making meals inside a kitchen. Putting meat on the outside grill is easy as can be especially when the assistant chef is never far off;

" Honey, can you bring me the tongs, salt, meat, dish to put the meat in and oh, don't forget a cold beer for me. "

Fresh homemade bread ripped, oh, sorry with parents here it is cut in a proper way, topped with butter and dipped into a thick vegetable soup is one of life's pleasures. The thicker the butter the better. Perhaps the only thing better than butter would be real homemade butter fresh from the dairy. Bob, what do you think about that ?

We were just talking about the fact that most women are so scared of putting more than a mere hint of butter on bread in case they put on weight... a whole legion of women have missed out on a lot of culinary adventures in order to look thin. Rather sad, isn't it?

The weather has changed from cold to warm overnight and Bob is in a great mood which bodes well to more homemade bread, soup, pizza and maybe a biscuit or two.