Monday, 1 May 2017

Who Said We're A One Horse Town?

The allure of horses never pales.

We were at our third wine tasting station in Rechnitz when the grazing horses in the paddock next to us went wild...a whole troop of horse riders were approaching and even though the horse were upset, it was spectacular to watch them race across the field.
They felt the troop of riders before we even saw them...
Gosh, I wish you could have seen it...a real wild west performance.
Lovely to see the Kellerstock in the background. I must say it was just too beautiful and everyone at the watering hole ( wine station ) went to watch the horses.
Still wondering if they wanted to join the riders or whether they were upset to see their compatriots being ridden?
They were running like crazy and at times it sounded like a stampede.
Isn't he stunning...