Friday, 5 May 2017

Making Pizza.

Almost as easy as pie...

Bob is a huge fan of pizza and since we make it from scratch ( is there any other way or rather how can those disciples of supermarket frozen pizzas eat them? ) I choose my moments wisely. Although after making the dough for the base I am usually surprised at how quick it goes.

Through the years we have honed our pizza base to our taste perfection. No more yeast and with it the deep dish base. Somehow the thin base is nicer and most of the time we use wholewheat flour due to Bob's diabetes and honestly, it tastes better.

The clump of dough needs to be rolled out on the tray and last night while improvising my utensils, I thought of how often we over-buy kitchen ware when simple things suffice. Most of us have an empty wine or beer bottle standing about waiting to go to the glass resting place. Dusted with a bit of flour it becomes an ideal rolling pin. Yes, why spend more money and waste more kitchen storage space when a simple bottle works just as well.

Even kitchens can be over done. Spending a fortune on a kitchen that will be outdated a few years down the road seems a tad bit silly. At the end of the day, we only use a small part of it and why not create your kitchen with only those few things and counters?

This week I've been creating lunch boxes ( or rather the fillings ) for Bob and have made bread too. Making our own bread is firstly simple as can be, secondly costs 60 cents as opposed to 3,5 euros and thirdly, it tastes better. Oh, I've made horrible bread too which even a toaster won't save. I don't make bread all the time but it makes a nice change from the sour dough breads.

Often it is thought to be nigh - on - impossible to make your own bread and thus the fable continues. Our generation should take up the art of making breads, jams or anything else that has been cleverly replaced by a series of numbered ingredients. Just take a look at the back of a bought pizza package, toast bread or even ice cream.