Thursday, 11 May 2017

Walking, A Frivolous Pastime?

Living in a village does require a strong backbone...

Everyone in our village knows that I walk at the drop of a hat, snowflake or raindrop and they've somehow written me off as a bit batty. Fair enough yet I do see the envious glances of those who perhaps would like to join me on my meanderings.

For a while now, I have been walking with a friend to help her overcome a bout malaise due to various stresses ( happily sanctioned by her doctor ) and even I am surprised at how she has taken to walking. When I first suggested for her to come along for a walk to banish the odd doldrums, I thought she'd chicken out but she has taken to walking like a duck to water. More importantly, she is feeling better in body and mind.

On Tuesday we ran into an elderly and dare I say, slightly cantankerous villager who demanded to know;

" Don't you have any work to do?
as he views walking as a frivolous activity which should be stopped to work on house and home. Well used to these sarcastic conversation stoppers ( no fun sticking around for a chat, is there? ), I forgot his comment the minute he'd uttered it.

As they say, the plot thickened because yesterday my friend told me how she'd done a thorough spring clean the minute she got home from our walk and when I asked her if it had anything to do with the former exchange, she guiltily nodded her head.

Isn't it amazing how we gear our lives to the odd hecklers even though we know we are living our life in a genuine way? In my friend's case, walking is for medicinal reasons with the added bonus of enjoying it thrown in yet she still felt she had to justify her going for walks.

The irony of it all is that today there will be a talk given in the village hall by a nutritionist on the ever popular and perennial topic of losing weight...! The hall will be packed but the roads will be devoid of walkers regardless...