Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Nice And Typical Tuesday In The Village.

Tuesdays and Fridays are Vampire days.

It wasn't me that coined the phrase but one of the men who I at times ferry about. Each Tuesday and Friday the local doctor's rooms are packed to the rafters as blood tests are done. Or rather blood is taken to ensure that the chronic medication given is properly dosed. Another reason why our two doctors are revered by their peers all over Burgenland and beyond. They are so thorough and meticulous in solving the body's mysteries.

This morning I had an appointment to fetch a couple in order to drive them to the doctor's. Their appointment was for 8 am and I was there at 7.55 sharp...shoddy timekeeping is a red flag to most retired folks. Once, a few years back I was two minutes late and the lady in question phoned my cellphone three times and gave me a blasting when I got there literally a few minutes late. Lesson learned.

We were there at eight sharp and as it turns out so where many others and he had to wait a bit for his turn. By now most villagers know my car and me in it while I sit in front of the doctor's rooms waiting. Today was special because one of the local lasses ( who had wheeled her own mum there to participate in vampire day ) spotted me and came out to chat for a minute. Village life is priceless.

After I had dropped the husband off for his appointment, his wife and carer asked me to drive them to the local village shop. Shopping instead of waiting wasn't a bad idea and when they went into Wachter's, I ran across the road to see my folks for a few minutes.

Eventually I had collected everyone from the various village institutions and driven them back home. They invited me in for a coffee and a chat. As with most conversations, it turned to food or maybe that is just our family's main interest! They told me of a nice restaurant in Deutsch Tschantschendorf which serves a divine buffet most Sundays. When they started to list the individual dishes there, I started to get hungry.

Hungry enough to stop at Wachter's on my way home to buy some freshly baked rolls. Even that was enjoyable as it gave me a chance to greet a few villagers and shoot the breeze with them. You know, meeting people in a village is not that difficult yet, surprisingly, everyone keeps to themselves.