Saturday, 6 May 2017

A Typical Saturday In Eisenberg.

Sun's out again as ordered.

Time has its own pace and I cannot believe that it was already a week ago that the four of us were getting ready to meander in our local vineyards equipped with wine glass and great expectations while feeling sanguine about the weekend ahead. Great weekend it turned out to be.

The last few weekends have thankfully been sunny and warmish after days of cold and rain. Again, this week we've had rain ( wonderful, as we need it ) and this morning the celestial switch turned to sunny with blue skies. As we speak, a load of clean washing is dangling on the line with a soundtrack of birds chatting to each other with great gusto and that's fine as long as they find a different drop off point for their lucky excretions.

Yes, of course I went for an early walk and as today is deemed to be the day to visit hell, oh, sorry Höll, the roads were teeming with tractors and trailers of all sorts. The first Saturday of every month is the day to get rid of any rubbish big and small free of charge. Bob and I did many a stint in the less than celestial surrounds when we first got here and had a little giggle each time we saw the Village sign.

On those Saturdays I tend to usually walk along the main road and am privy to the amount of rubbish people get rid of. Those trailers usually filled with earth are bursting with odds and ends being thrown out. Rather indicative of our collective addiction to shopping and somehow I fear that this mania will get worse with the ease and addiction to shopping from the palm of one's hand.

The lounge window is open and the distinct and wonderful sounds of village life are filling the air. Lawnmowers providing the perfect foil for the birds exchanging their news or perhaps pointing out the danger of a cat on the prowl. Mausi is lazily reclining on the windowsill and just the thought of it being Saturday is rather nice. Makes me feel very grateful to experience it.